GiaQuinta announces Indiana House Democratic leadership, ranking committee members

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INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today announced the House Democratic Caucus leadership team and the ranking Democrats of House committees.

Members of the caucus leadership team will assist in various aspects of the legislative process, both within the Indiana House Democratic Caucus as well as on the House floor during session meetings.

Each committee has a ranking minority member who works to ensure that each piece of legislation heard in that committee is thoroughly examined and alterations to the bill are given full consideration.



Democratic Leader: State Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne)

Assistant Democratic Leader: State Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis)

Democratic Floor Leader: State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis)

Assistant Democratic Floor Leader: State Rep. Terri J. Austin (D-Anderson)

Democratic Caucus Chair: State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster)

Assistant Democratic Caucus Chair: State Rep. Dan Forestal (D-Indianapolis)

Democratic Whip: State Rep. Justin Moed (D-Indianapolis)

Assistant Democratic Whip: State Rep. Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis)

Assistant Democratic Whip: State Rep. Earl Harris, Jr. (D-East Chicago)



Agriculture and Rural Development: State Rep. Melanie Wright (D-Yorktown)

Commerce, Small Business, and Economic Development: State Rep. Rita Fleming (D-Jeffersonville)

Courts and Criminal Code: State Rep. Ragen H. Hatcher (D-Gary)

Education: State Rep. Vernon G. Smith (D-Gary)

Elections and Apportionment: State Rep. Chuck Moseley (D-Portage)

Employment, Labor, and Pensions: State Rep. Lisa Beck (D-Hebron)

Environmental Affairs: State Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie)

Family, Children, and Human Affairs: State Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis)

Financial Institutions: State Rep. Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis)

Government and Regulatory Reform: State Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette)

Insurance: State Rep. Terri J. Austin (D-Anderson)

Judiciary: State Rep. B. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend)

Local Government: State Rep. Chris Chyung (D-Dyer)

Natural Resources: State Rep. Tonya Pfaff (D-Terre Haute)

Public Health: State Rep. Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis)

Public Policy: State Rep. Justin Moed (D-Indianapolis)

Roads and Transportation: State Rep. Dan Forestal (D-Indianapolis)

Rules and Legislative Procedures: State Rep. Ryan Dvorak (D-South Bend)

Select Committee on Government Reduction: State Rep. Carolyn Jackson (D-Hammond)

Utilities, Energy, and Telecommunications: State Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington)

Veterans Affairs and Public Safety: State Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis)

Ways and Means: State Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis)

Statutory Committee on Ethics: State Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie), Vice Chair

Interstate and International Cooperation: State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster)

Committee on Joint Rules: State Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne)

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