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Garcia Wilburn highlights new, soon-to-come resources at the pharmacy

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Recent changes to federal drug regulations, Indiana law and pharmacy policies will soon result in more medication options and savings for Hoosiers at the pharmacy. Rep. Victoria Garcia Wilburn wants to keep Carmel, Fishers and Indianapolis residents informed about these changes and what they mean for consumers.

In light of the Indiana GOP near-total abortion ban going into effect soon, yesterday's decision by the Food and Drug Administration to allow an over-the-counter oral contraceptive pill to be sold to women without a prescription is critical for allowing Hoosier women to take charge of their health. The medication will not be available until next year.

“Now that abortion will be banned in Indiana in all but the most extreme circumstances, it is critical that we reduce the barriers to accessing birth control,” Garcia Wilburn said. “I am heartened that federal regulators have taken steps this week to allow women to more easily access hormonal birth control and avoid unintended pregnancies. Our district prides itself on staying in charge of one's own health, and birth control is one positive step to do just that.”

Additionally, Garcia Wilburn voted in favor of Senate Enrolled Act 8 this year, which was intended to ensure that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) pass on their rebates to customers but was weakened while making its way through the legislative process. Just this week, CVS Caremark – one of the country's biggest PBMs – announced a partnership with GoodRx that will automatically pass on prescription rebates for certain generic drugs to consumers. (ExpressScripts, another PBM, already offers this benefit.)

“It's pretty simple: People who need medicine should not be forced to pay more at the pharmacy for trying to stay healthy,” Garcia Wilburn said. “While the General Assembly's attempt to regulate middlemen by making sure pharmacy benefit managers pass on their rebate savings to consumers was watered down, I am still glad that we were able to make a small step in the right decision. Good government should ensure this for all Hoosiers. I am thankful that PBMs are taking these steps themselves, but lawmakers must remain vigilant and protect consumers from corporate greed.

“I will continue looking for opportunities in the General Assembly to increase access to health care and lower costs from the doctor's office to the pharmacy.”

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