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Fleming applauds Clark and Floyd County for opting in to additional public health funding

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During the 2023 session, the Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Bill 4 which overhauled the state’s public health system. Part of the overhaul includes expanded state funding for local boards of health. Local leadership had until Sept. 1 to opt-in to the additional funding.  

To qualify for the funding, health departments must provide a set of core public health services. Some of these services include partnering with schools to support student health, adult and child immunizations and education to prevent trauma and injury. The key goal of the funding is to increase the uniformity of local public health departments across Indiana. 

Both Clark and Floyd County opted in to the additional funding. State Rep. Rita Fleming (D-Jeffersonville) offered the following statement: 

“There is no doubt that Floyd and Clark County will benefit from this additional funding. Local health departments will be able to modernize their technology, expand their services and give Hoosiers the support they desperately need. I appreciate the work of the County Health Department leadership, Dr. Eric Yazel and Dr. William H. Garner III. This funding fills a critical need for our community and our healthcare network. 

 For years, I was an OB/GYN at Clark Memorial Hospital. I’m extremely familiar with the world of healthcare and the needs of our providers post-pandemic. I cannot stress enough how much this funding will support both patients and medical professionals. This puts money into the hands of local leaders who know their area and its specific demands. Through this funding, more Hoosier will get uniform, quality healthcare that they can count on. I’m excited to see where this funding takes Floyd and Clark county as we continue to improve the Indiana public health system.” 

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