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Errington: ‘We should empower women to make their own health decisions’

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INDIANAPOLIS — State Representative Sue Errington (D-Muncie) released the following statement regarding a federal judge blocking the “abortion reversal” law. HEA 1577 would have required doctors to tell women undergoing drug-induced abortions about a treatment that could potentially stop the process, despite there never being a valid scientific study on it. 

“This ruling is a win for Hoosier women, and it only emphasizes their bodily autonomy and the privacy of their health decisions,” Errington said. “The judge found that the state did not prove the effectiveness of this so-called reversal process and that information provided by doctors should be truthful. I urge my colleagues to think hard on his ruling before trying to jam through another abortion-regulating bill.

“Not only has the state wasted time and money stopping these unconstitutional bills, but it has also told Hoosier women that their bodies are not their own. About 44% of abortions performed in Indiana were medically induced in 2019, but 49% of pregnancies in our state are unintended. We should instead empower women to make their own health decisions, provide young girls and boys with comprehensive sex education and increase access to contraception.”

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