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Errington celebrates local bowling champion

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State Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) today celebrated her constituent, Joe Greer, on participating in 50 consecutive United States Bowling Congress Open Championships.  Greer was presented with a resolution in the Indiana Statehouse by Errington and State Sen. Scott Alexander (R-Muncie).

“Today I’d like the State of Indiana to recognize the commitment to bowling that Joe Greer has maintained for the last 50 years,” Errington said. “This kind of lifetime achievement is rare, and this passion and dedication are admirable. He is truly the embodiment of the spirit of perseverance that Hoosiers admire.”

Greer celebrated his recognition with family, friends, and officials from the Indiana Farm Bureau, telling the audience that he was honored to have been acknowledged by his state representative. 

“I want every Hoosier to look at what Greer accomplished and understand that with anything, dedication and passion can take you far in life. As they say in bowling, sometimes you will strike!”

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