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DeLaney reacts to IPS administration’s referendum-sharing proposal

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) today reacted to the Indianapolis Public School plan that would share district funds with charter schools. Taxpayers voted on a 2018 operating referendum ($220 million over 8 years) proposal that did not include fund sharing with charter schools now being presented to the IPS Board of School Commissioners. The proposal will divert $5 million annually in funding to charter schools.

“Indiana Public School Administration's unilateral, and unlawful proposal to share referendum funds with charter schools has the effect of misleading taxpayers,” DeLaney said. “There must be public confidence as well as integrity in our referendum processes to ensure continued adequate funding of our schools. The proposal posted to the IPS website has a section entitled 'The Gray Area' – we cannot entrust public funds to ill-defined planning. IPS will be opening themselves up to a lawsuit that will have a solid basis.”

The IPS Board of School Commissioners is expected to vote on the plan Nov. 18 during the Board Action Session.

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