DeLaney comments on court decision to halt Indiana’s abortion ban

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INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Indiana's near-total abortion ban was halted by Owen County Judge Kelsey Blake Hanlon via a preliminary injunction. Hanlon is presiding over a lawsuit attacking Senate Bill 1. State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) today offered the following statement regarding the injunction:

“In barring the enforcement of Senate Bill 1, a near total ban on abortion, the Court looked to our State Constitution, the history of our state and the concept of liberty. Sadly, those concerns were largely ignored by the General Assembly in passing Senate Bill 1. We should join the court in seeking 'greater protection of Hoosiers' rights under the Indiana Constitution.' The right to privacy and the right to plan your own family should be recognized as part of our liberty. I encourage my fellow legislators to follow the example set by the Court in weighing those issues when we meet again in January.”

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