DeLaney calls for comprehensive and transparent debates during special session on limiting women’s options

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INDIANAPOLIS - In the wake of Statehouse Republicans pushing back the unusual special session to convene on July 25, State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) issued a call for a thorough debate on Republicans’ efforts to eliminate women’s rights to privacy and to plan their families. 

Special sessions can last up to 40 calendar days and 30 session days, but if July’s special session needed to be extended past August 14 to allow for full public discussion, Gov. Eric Holcomb could grant the legislature an extension. 

“If Republicans are determined to eliminate women’s right to privacy and force them to give birth against their will, then we must have a detailed analysis. People are shocked to learn that they’re losing 50 years of constitutional protection,” DeLaney said.

“I issue this call to Republican leadership: Let’s use the entire time allotted to us to study your proposed legislation as to abortion. Let’s give the public ample time and notice to come and make their thoughts on this known. Let’s have sufficient hearings to cover all aspects of this issue, ranging from who will pay, to the impact on our colleges, our insurers and victims of domestic violence. I want the legislature to be crystal-clear on the impact this law will have.”

Republicans have announced they plan to place further restrictions on abortion during the special session starting July 25 but have provided no specifics as to the final legislation and hearing dates.

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