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Confronted with recurrent mass shootings and gun violence, Indiana GOP ushers in permitless carry

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INDIANAPOLIS – As gun violence continues to leave American communities reeling in heartbreak and horror, most recently with a shooting in a Texas elementary school, Indiana Republicans weaken state gun laws. Permitless carry goes into effect today despite law enforcement officials warning of its danger to public safety. House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) issued the following statement in response to the enactment of House Enrolled Act 1296, which eliminates the requirement to obtain a permit to carry a firearm:

“It’s astonishing to me. Beginning today, anyone over the age of 18 will be able to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, without a background check. The Indiana GOP has made a grave mistake against the counsel of their own appointed public safety officials, like Indiana State Superintendent Doug Carter, to appease the fringes of the political spectrum and gun lobby.

“How does any rational person look at the state of gun violence plaguing every corner of our country and think more unregulated access to guns is the solution? The majority of gun owners believe in reasonable gun responsibility measures. House Democrats believe that a balance can be found between Second Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership – but this new law is not that.

“My thoughts are with Hoosier law enforcement and communities as we collectively begin to navigate a new, more dangerous terrain.”

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