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Boy amendment ensuring better health and environmental outcomes for Hoosiers is rejected

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Yesterday, State Rep. Pat Boy’s (D-Michigan City) amendment to House Bill 1072 was voted down. Her amendment would have required that some of the inspection fees for aviation and jet fuel would be used in airports’ environmental and health remediation efforts in addition to creating a mandatory financial reporting system.

“The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) asked me to bring this amendment to the House floor, and I stand by the value it would have provided to Hoosiers,” Boy said. “This amendment would provide the distinct value of prioritizing infrastructure projects at airports that minimize their effects on the community and surrounding environment. The fund this legislation would pull money from, is intended to clean up environmental spills and my amendment would have allowed for the original intent of the fund to remain. However, ultimately, it was voted down.

“Indiana is the Crossroads of America, and while planes fly overhead, many stop to pick-up and drop-off goods, so we should ensure that our airport infrastructure is strong. However, we should not forget that while development is good, it should not come at the cost of Hoosiers health. While we build for the future, we must build in a way that ensures we can live in that future. By diverting funds dedicated to environmental spills, we put our cities and airports at higher risk of hazardous toxic spills.

“We heard in floor discussion on the amendment that we will continue to have these discussions as we move through the session. I look forward to seeing the ‘special consideration’ language added as it would emphasize the importance of funding initiatives that prioritize health and environmental issues at airports. 

“While my amendment may have been defeated, rest assured I will not stop fighting for the interests of the next generation of Hoosiers. It is our duty to leave Indiana healthier and more beautiful than we found it.”

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