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Bauer commends budget investments in Indiana’s human infrastructure

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Maureen Bauer (D-South Bend) today voiced her support for investments in Indiana's human infrastructure made by the 2021 biennial budget after it passed out of the General Assembly today.

“The greatest asset Indiana has is our people,” Bauer said. “Any budget we pass needs to reflect that. In order to truly be a state that works, we have to invest taxpayer dollars back into programs that benefit the people who voted to entrust us with their money.”

After a better-than-expected fiscal forecast and an influx of funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, the initial budget proposal was revamped in conference committee, expanding funds for traditional public schools, mental healthcare, special education programming and the state's food banks. It also includes a plan to raise teacher pay statewide, with a goal of setting a minimum $40,000 salary. These proposals had been called for by House Democrats during the first round of debate on the budget.

“Over the past year, we watched Hoosiers in every walk of life join together to overcome the challenges of the pandemic,” Bauer said. “Too often we overlook the everyday workers and institutions that keep us functioning. But when we were faced with unprecedented disruption, they rose above and beyond our expectations to serve their communities in new ways. The least we can do to show our appreciation is to give them their proper priority in our budget.

“This is not a one-time fight. This must be the beginning of a shift in our priorities as a General Assembly. Hoosiers deserve to know that their taxes are not being hidden away for the sake of vague platform promises, we owe them a clear plan for how we will make the budget work for them. That will continue to be my priority so long as I serve in the Statehouse.”

Bauer voted for House Bill 1001.

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