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Austin: Hoosiers deserve the same gas price relief other states are providing

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INDIANAPOLIS – As high gas prices continue to drain the wallets of Hoosiers with no end in sight, State Rep. Terri Austin (D-Anderson) today called for Indiana to take immediate action in order to put money back in Hoosiers’ pockets. 

“I'm worried about what's happening to the people in this district who tell me they are stretched to the max just finding the funds to put gas in their vehicles to get them to work, school and church,” Austin said. “I was disappointed Governor Holcomb wasted an opportunity by not permitting the General Assembly to address out of control gas taxes when it met earlier this week by calling a special session day to deal with the cost of gasoline and Indiana’s gas taxes.

“Now that the Governor is considering some type of action to support working families in the face of public pressure, it needs to make an impactful difference in Hoosiers lives and it needs to be sooner rather than later. If the Governor refuses to use Indiana’s $6 billion surplus to suspend or eliminate the gas taxes, he should adopt House Democrats’ proposal to add extra funds to the Automatic Tax Refund.  Bringing relief to hard-working Hoosiers should not be a partisan issue.

“Inaction is simply not an option for Hoosier families and businesses struggling to make ends meet.”

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