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Andrade comments on driving card interim study committee hearing

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INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the Interim Study Committee on Roads and Transportation met to discuss creating a means for undocumented residents in Indiana to obtain driving cards, a privilege 17 other states have instituted. State Rep. Mike Andrade (D-Munster) testified in favor of the measure at the hearing and provided the following comments:

“Granting undocumented residents the opportunity to obtain a driving card is ultimately about moving our state's public safety and economy forward,” Andrade said. “The Indiana Driving Privilege Card Project found that passing a driving privilege law in our state would reduce fatal hit-and-runs by 3.6% and thus leave our roads safer.

“With more people able to drive themselves to work, we can begin addressing Indiana's worker shortage as well. Undocumented residents simply want dignity in doing simple tasks like taking their kids to school, going to the grocery store or driving to work. I will proudly support Rep. Karickhoff and Sens. Doriot and Niezgodski's efforts this upcoming session to enact this commonsense safety policy in Indiana.”

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