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Andrade calls for revision of permitless carry law

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INDIANAPOLIS - Following conversations with Lake County law enforcement leadership on Indiana’s new permitless carry law that went into effect on July 1, State Rep. Mike Andrade (D-Munster) remains more convinced than ever that this policy will hurt Hoosiers and endanger law enforcement. Andrade issued the following statement today calling for a revision of the law to equip public safety officers with more tools to identify people who should not be carrying a handgun:

“When the people who keep us safe here in District 12 say that a new law is going to put them in danger, I listen,” Andrade said. “Law enforcement officials were very clear on this during the legislative process for the permitless carry law. About 14% of Indiana handgun permit applications were denied last year because the applicant had a prior criminal conviction, lied on the application or had a history of mental illness. Now, thanks to this law, law enforcement won’t be able to confirm whether the person they’re questioning is allowed to carry before approaching their vehicle during a traffic stop. We must make adjustments to this law as quickly as possible so public safety officers are not left without the tools they need to do their job safely.”

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