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Allen County Democrats decry township assessor legislation

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Democratic lawmakers from Allen County decry the passage of legislation that moves to eliminate township assessors. On Monday, House Bill 1035 passed the Indiana House of Representatives 61-37 with a majority of support coming from the legislative caucus that represents few township assessors. Indiana House Democrats believe that the decision should lie solely in the hands of those affected and that local government should remain just that – controlled locally by those impacted.

“This issue was already decided back in 2008 when a majority of people in Wayne Township voted to keep their local assessor,” House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) said. “Local control is touted by my colleagues across the aisle until they don’t get their way. The Republican supermajority who represents few township assessors wants to undo the will of voters. The Wayne Township Assessor’s office is a trusted government service that works diligently to deliver for taxpayers. The Indiana General Assembly is again offering solutions in search of a nonexistent problem.”

“HB1035 is yet another attempt by the legislature to erode township government and consolidate power,” State Rep. Kyle Miller (D-Fort Wayne) said. “The Wayne Township Assessor's office provides assessing services at a more efficient and cost-effective rate than could be provided by the county. These services should be provided to citizens at the level of government closest to the people, township government. If we continue to erode township government, I fear that the critical services provided by the Wayne Township Trustee's office are next on the chopping block.”

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