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After conspiracy theories take over legislature, GiaQuinta votes no on GOP’s QAnon budget

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Republicans’ embrace of alt-right ideology reared its ugly head yesterday as QAnon-like conspiracies were amended into the state’s biennial budget. The legislature engaged in Pizzagate-level policymaking, stripping state dollars from Indiana University. Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today lambasted the House GOP’s conspiratorial, do-nothing final budget proposal, ultimately voting no. 

“This is not your parents’ Republican party, that’s for sure,” GiaQuinta said. “Not long ago, the GOP was driven by ideals of free markets, minimal government and ‘traditional family values.’ Now it has become the party of culture wars, handouts to private corporations and big donors and surplus hoarding. The proceedings on the House floor yesterday were unrecognizable to the General Assembly my father served in. A Republican elected official even implied that anyone who has ever voted for a state budget - because of its funding for Indiana University’s research - is complicit in the sexual abuse of children. This behavior doesn’t belong on the floor of the House or in the mainstream of our society.” 

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