Lawmakers: Still time for responsible gun legislation in 2019 session

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Reps. Carey Hamilton and Ed DeLaney (both D-Indianapolis) and Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry today called for the General Assembly to make it a priority to pass responsible gun legislation before the end of the 2019 legislative session.

The lawmakers and prosecutor were joined by area residents who are seeking action on three measures they hope will address the core issues of gun violence in communities across the state.  They noted that gun violence increases the probability of deaths in incidents of domestic violence, and raises the likelihood of fatalities by those who intend to injure others and among those who attempt suicide. It also places children and young people at special risk, and disproportionately affects communities of color.

“I'm inspired by all of the people coming together to address the issue of gun safety in Indiana,” said Hamilton. “Gun violence touches every segment of our society. I support common sense measures to reduce gun violence, while respecting the Second Amendment. It’s time for members at the Statehouse to have a real dialogue that leads to action on common sense gun reform.”

Hamilton and DeLaney have authored three measures to inspire that discussion:

HOUSE BILL 1149, authored by DeLaney, would hold a person criminally responsible if a child gains access to his or her unsecured loaded firearm.

HOUSE BILL 1290, authored by Hamilton, would require individuals convicted of domestic violence to surrender their firearms within 72 hours, closing a loophole in current law.

HOUSE BILL 1291, authored by Hamilton, would require universal background checks for anyone wishing to purchase or take possession of a firearm, closing a loophole in current law.

“Gun violence has taken a dramatic toll on neighborhoods and families throughout our state,” Curry stated. “We see it manifested in every form from shootings resulting from social media disputes to children picking up guns in their own home, all senseless acts resulting in loss and fear. It is time that we have a thoughtful, public discussion about responsible, safe gun ownership and access to firearms.”

DeLaney noted, “I’ve been calling on members of the General Assembly to work together for years to address the issue of gun safety in communities here in Indianapolis and across our state. How many more victims are we going to have before we get somewhere? It’s tragic. I’m ready to work now to introduce legislation that will implement universal background checks and help prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands.”

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