Without more on DCS and election reforms, Goodin says State of the State merits a thunderous yawn

January 10, 2018 Terry Goodin

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Terry Goodin from Austin today issued the following statement on Gov. Eric Holcomb’s State of the State speech:

“Tonight, our governor has announced that this state will boldly do more to train our workers and stop drug addiction.

“These are things that a state government already should be doing, rather than talking about. Indiana House Democrats have been talking about these kinds of initiatives for a good long while now.

“But we seem to have reached the point where we are patting ourselves on the back for doing the obvious…just as we’re applauding the idea that our public schools are going to get the funding they need to make up shortfalls caused by years of budgeting that continually shorted those schools.

“So it seems fair to mention what wasn’t in the governor’s speech…or merited only a few short paragraphs.

“What has he done to rest our fears that the lives of at-risk children face greater peril than ever before? Apart from turning a study of the state’s Department of Child Services (DCS) over to a private company, and telling us that we should trust this company to do what’s right, nothing much.

“I for one do not feel this is right. I do not feel the Indiana General Assembly should just pass on its obligation to all the people of this state, and stand idly by while these investigations are conducted without oversight and in private. The Legislature needs to be more involved than simply getting reports. We must be involved. To act in any other way is a dereliction of duty.

“And the idea of election reform seems to have disappeared into the ether. Not that long ago, these bodies were moving toward a consensus on independent redistricting for the Legislature and Congress. Public hearings were conducted, and bills were filed. Then, nothing.

“There are some legislators on both sides of the aisle who are making genuine efforts at reform. What a shame that the Republican leadership chooses to remain in the dark.

“Indiana House Democrats support doing more to train our workers, stop drug addiction, and protect our public schools. But we also supporting protecting at-risk children and the voting rights of Hoosiers. These should be top priorities as well.”