Stemler’s bill to assist emergency vehicle response passes House

February 18, 2013 Steven R. Stemler

For immediate release:
Feb. 18, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana House of Representatives today passed legislation authored by Rep. Steven R. Stemler (D-Jeffersonville) to make it easier for police or fire department chaplains to respond to emergency situations.

House Bill 1347 would allow chaplains to display green and white lights on their personal vehicles on their way to the scene of the emergency. The goal behind Stemler’s proposal is to improve the efficiency of emergency personnel and the safety of other motorists.

“In the event of emergency, chaplains need to transport emergency personnel to the scene as quickly as possible and be able to assist family members and officers in need,” said Stemler. “Chaplains are impeded by not having lights on their cars and need to be on site in emergency situations such as hostages, suicides, and shootings.”

Conrad Moorer—a chaplain for the Jefferson Police Department for over 18 years—stated that this legislation would help chaplains move safely through traffic.

“The most important reason for this bill is for chaplains to be able to arrive in the area of the scene and maneuver through traffic,” he explained. “Often people don’t know to move. The green and white lights would help them and other emergency vehicles identify us.”

The bill has bipartisan support and received unanimous support in committee before going to the full House, where it passed with a vote of 98-0. It now will advance to the Senate for further consideration.