State Representative Pierce urges Indiana House District 61 citizens to contact him

February 1, 2013 Matt Pierce

Feb. 1, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS — Citizens of Indiana House District 61 can share their views and opinions about issues now before the Legislature, or gain assistance in dealing with state agencies by contacting the office of State Representative Matt Pierce (D–Bloomington).

“I need to hear from the people I represent if my work as a state legislator is to be effective,” Pierce said.

“A number of crucial issues come before the Legislature every session,” Pierce added. “Not all legislative proposals carry a high profile or a highly–charged element of emotion, however. I am interested in hearing from citizens on all of these issues, however. This is the reason I am actively seeking opinions and views on all of the issues that come before us here at the Statehouse.”

Pierce noted that one of the most important services his office can provide is in assisting citizens as they utilize the resources of state government.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as providing guidance about whether a particular concern should be addressed at the local, state or federal level of government,” Pierce said. “My staff can provide this type of guidance and will do what it can in order to help the citizens I represent at the Statehouse.”

Pierce and his office can be contacted in one of several ways: by emailing him at, by calling toll-free 1-800-382-9842, or by mailing a letter to: State Representative Matt Pierce / Indiana House of Representatives / 200 W. Washington St. / Indianapolis, IN 46204.