State Rep. Vernon G. Smith seeks Saturday hours for Gary license branch

February 21, 2018 Vernon G. Smith

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Vernon G. Smith (D-Gary) is asking Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) officials to consider reopening the Gary license branch on Saturdays to benefit the citizens of Gary.

“At a legislative public forum that was held in my district, one of the issues that was discussed was the BMV office in Gary being closed on Saturdays,” Rep. Smith said. “Considering that Saturday is arguably the most active and available day for individuals, the closure imposes an inconvenience and burden on the citizens who reside within the area.”

In a letter to BMV Commissioner Adam Krupp, Rep. Smith asks the agency to explore other possibilities for the Gary BMV office on Saturdays. Rep. Smith believes that opening the branch one day of the weekend will give citizens better access.

“Even if it was open for a portion of the day, it would be helpful to the citizens of Gary who cannot make it to the BMV on weekdays due to work or personal conflicts,” Rep. Smith commented. “I understand that the hours do require additional resources, but I am hoping the commissioner will be open to the idea, as opening the BMV on Saturdays will greatly benefit the lives of the people in Gary.

“I am happy to reach out to the commissioner to discuss a constituent-led issue. I look forward to hearing the commissioner’s thoughts and ideas for achieving a solution to the issue,” he concluded.