State Rep. Clyde Kersey announces he will not seek re-election in 2018

December 15, 2017 Clyde Kersey

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Clyde Kersey (D-Terre Haute) announced today that he will not seek re-election to the Indiana House District 43 seat has has filled since 1996.

“Serving in the Indiana General Assembly has been an incredible experience, but I believe the time has come for me to retire,” Kersey said. “I want to thank all of the people in the 43rd District who have supported me these past 22 years, as well as colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the Indiana House and Senate. It will be the relationships that I will miss the most, both with fellow lawmakers and the people I have been asked to represent at the Statehouse. You cannot go through a life in public service without being humbled by the awesome responsibility granted you by the people who elect you to office. My wife Susie and I will always be thankful for the opportunities we have had on behalf of the people of Terre Haute and Vigo County.”

Kersey listed three legislative highlights from his 22-year tenure in the House.

“In 2004, I was able to pass legislation that allowed employees of state and county government, as well as workers at our public schools and universities, to join a pool that enabled them to buy prescription drugs in quantity at a lower cost,” Kersey said.

“In 2007, I authored a measure that required all U.S. history classes in Indiana schools to teach a unit on the Holocaust. This particular idea came from a wonderful woman from Terre Haute named Eva Kor, who survived the Holocaust and wanted to do all she could to make sure that future generations of Hoosiers remembered those horrific events,” he continued.

“Finally, in 2009, I helped enact legislation aimed at keeping sexual predators out of classrooms across Indiana by expanding background checks for teachers,” Kersey concluded.

The lawmaker also cited two experiences from his time in office as highlights.

“In 2007, I joined Gov. Mitch Daniels as part of a legislative, business, and educational team that spent a week in Japan promoting our state,” Kersey said. “I also remember traveling the state with the Indiana State Teachers Association in 2014 to discuss educational issues with teachers, parents, and students.”

During his time in the House, Kersey was a member of three influential committees: Ways and Means, Labor, and Education. In addition, he served as either chairman or ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee for 12 years.

Kersey is a graduate of Fontanet High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Indiana State University.

Prior to serving in the Indiana House, Kersey was a Vigo County Councilman from 1986 to 1996.

Clyde and Susie have a son, Tim, and two grandsons, Sam and Cam. Upon retirement, the Kerseys look forward to spending more time with them.