Rep. Terry Goodin sees success in passing proposals helping police, veterans

February 21, 2017 Terry Goodin

For immediate release:
Feb. 20, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Terry Goodin (D-Austin) has had a very successful month at the Statehouse, with the Legislature passing proposals that will help our law enforcement and veterans.

House Bill 1250, which provides officers who serve 20 years with a lifetime license to carry a handgun, passed through the Indiana House today with a vote of 90 to 7.

With this legislation, officers who retire from a police department will be issued an identification card that states the police officer’s name, rank, retired status, and the officer’s authority to retain his or her service weapon.

In addition, law enforcement is exempt from paying the fee for the license.

“This legislation is very simple,” said Goodin. “It allows our dedicated law enforcement officers to be able to receive a lifetime license to carry a handgun after their many years of service to their community.”

Approximately 2,500 state and local law enforcement officers and 500 federal officers could qualify for a free license earlier under this bill.

House Bill 1250 will now move to the Senate for further consideration.

Goodin also successfully offered an amendment to State Representative Sean Eberhart’s (R-Shelbyville) House Bill 1415, which addresses various natural resource matters.

His amendment allows veterans to pay a reduced fee of $2.75 for yearlong hunting and fishing licenses. It also reduces the fee for a 10-year hunting and fishing licenses to $27.50.

“I believe this is a very small price to pay for the state of Indiana to benefit the men and women who sacrificed so much in serving their country,” Goodin said.

House Bill 1415 passed the House 52-43 on February 9.