State Rep. Pat Boy calls for emergency declaration that would address Lake Michigan shoreline concerns

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INDIANAPOLIS - Rep. Pat Boy (D-Michigan City) joined Sen. Karen Tallian today in calling upon Governor Holcomb to make an official Declaration of Emergency for the Lake Michigan shoreline in Porter and La Porte counties. The legislators' concerns were shared in a joint letter that was hand-delivered to the governor's office.

Erosion of the shoreline has caused costly and dangerous damage to infrastructure and homes in the affected areas.

“Protecting and preserving Indiana’s National Lakeshore is vital to our community’s health, safety and local economy,” Boy said.

“There was recently a state of emergency in Beverly Shores because the only roadway connecting east and west was in imminent danger of collapsing. That roadway has a gas line and a water main underneath it and cost thousands of dollars to repair. We can and must do everything in our power to protect the shoreline if we want to protect our communities from future costly states of emergency.”

A copy of the Tallian / Boy letter can be found here.

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