State Rep. Cherrish Pryor applauds Senate for stopping anti-community policing bills

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INDIANAPOLIS — State Representative Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) is glad to see that two bills aimed to undermine local control of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department did not get out of Senate committee in their original form; however, she warns of other bills that target Indianapolis.

“We must remain vigilant of bills that could harm a local community due to state overreach,” Pryor said. “I’m glad to see that my colleagues recognized bad legislation when offered, and urge them to continue this stance against bills that would take away local control.”

The Statehouse is proposing several pieces of legislation this session that would restrict the City-County Council and its decisions. The bills range from landlord-tenant relations to control of the local police department to 5G cell towers. Several Indianapolis business, religious and community leaders signed a letter against these bills.

In late January, she shared a petition on, calling for action against bills that would take policing power away from the community. Since then, the petition gained over 1,600 signatures.

“An individual voice is a powerful thing, but when we all come together and raise our voices in a single call for action, that is true democracy,” Pryor said.

Senate Bill 168, which would have allowed the state to take over the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, was redirected to a summer study committee, effectively killing the bill. Another bill voted down by committee, Senate Bill 394, would have eliminated the City-County Council civilian-majority General Orders Board, which was done after community outcry and in an effort to build community and police relationships.

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