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Smith honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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INDIANAPOLIS - State Representative and member of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, Dr. Vernon G. Smith (D-Gary) delivered remarks honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday, January 13, at the Indiana Statehouse.

Smith explained the importance of reflecting on the work of Dr. King as we observe a national holiday in his honor on Monday, January 17, ” …when we talk about proper treatment of humanity and how we treat our brothers, Dr. King is certainly one of the giants as we look at our heroes who are the great fabric of our country.”

Smith was granted a special privilege by the Speaker of the House to present his resolution co-authored by members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus honoring Dr. King.

During his remarks, Smith read from a chapter in his book, A Light Unto My Path, reflecting on his meeting with Dr. King when he spoke at Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in 1967:

“Besides believing in the freedom movement, I was enthralled with his efforts, his oratory skills, his leadership skills, his courage, his passion, his determination and persistence, his intellect, his self-confidence, his self-control, the list goes on and on…he set a bar for me for which I still aspire.

“Being in the presence of this giant of a civil rights leader and having the opportunity to shake his hand was overwhelming.

“God was making sure my experience with Dr. King made an indelible mark on me, providing me a role model exemplar of the kind of man God wanted me to be, a servant leader.”

Smith closed his remarks by adding, “Dr. King is an example of one who demonstrated love for this nation and what it stood for, love for all mankind. He came from humble beginnings and had to go through difficult times- through bigotry, racism, through injustice because he wanted all Americans to love and treat each other humanely. He had an abiding faith in America and audacious faith in the future of mankind.”

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