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Pryor: Racial gerrymandering shamefully evident in new maps

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) today released the following statement based on her remarks on the House floor on the vote to pass the proposed redistricting maps:

“These maps demonstrate voter suppression at its worst when you look at communities in Fort Wayne and Evansville. Based on these maps, the voices of Black people in these communities cannot be well represented. 

“Senate Republicans hired an 'expert' to do an analysis, and he provided a statement that their maps met all legal requirements. I have not seen this 'expert's' analysis.  And frankly, you can hire anybody to give you an answer and the outcome you want, even if it is wrong, flawed and unfair. These maps dilute minority voices and perpetuate voter suppression, regardless of what the Senate Republican 'expert' says.

“Even though people in Fort Wayne and Evansville were clear they did not want their voices to be divided, Democrat attempts to resolve this issue were voted down. I don't want to hear that more people representing Fort Wayne and Evansville is better. Having more representatives means nothing if you don't listen to the people, if you silence their voice, if you never show up. 

“The sad part about this entire process is that the supermajority could have maintained its supermajority without diluting minority votes.  Without cracking Blacks and minorities into districts rendering them voiceless. 

“This isn’t a good day for Hoosiers or democracy. People already have a distrust for government and these maps will do nothing to change the status quo. These maps are drawn intentionally so the Republican Senators can be elected and continue to be elected without giving a care about what the Black Hoosiers in gerrymandered districts think. I think that is just sad, cruel and shameful.”

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