Porter bill to enact dementia plan passes House

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INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the House passed House Bill 1177, authored by State Rep. Gregory Porter (D-Indianapolis), to direct Indiana's Division of Aging to develop a strategic plan concerning dementia in Indiana. The division will be required to issue annual reports to the General Assembly regarding the plan, its implementation and the eventual outcomes.

“This plan has been a major priority of mine for many years,” Porter said. “I am pleased to see the House finally take action on it.”

At least 110,000 Hoosiers are currently facing Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, ranking as the 6th leading cause of death in Indiana. Medicaid costs for treating the disease in the state are estimated at $981 million, with these numbers expected to significantly rise in the decades to come.

“The House has given a mandate that it is time to take action,” Porter said. “I urge the Senate to make this bill a priority, so the Division of Aging can move quickly to roll out this plan and begin getting help to some of the most vulnerable members of our community, especially after the struggles they continue to face from the pandemic.

“This is a cruel affliction that preys upon the minds of Hoosiers. Disease is not partisan. It does not know party lines. We should all be able to work together, despite our differences, to empower progress toward healing. And today we have. I hope that the work we've done here will be able to offer some light to every Hoosier facing dementia and every loyal caregiver standing alongside them in the fight.”

HB 1177 passed through the House with a vote of 91-1.

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