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Klinker urges legislative input on use of COVID-19 relief funds to aid Hoosiers

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INDIANAPOLIS — State Representative Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette), member of the House Ways and Means Committee, applauds the passing of the American Rescue Plan, which will provide COVID-19 relief to Hoosiers. Under the plan, Indiana will receive about $3 billion, and the city of Lafayette will receive an estimated $16.7 million.

“Legislators at the Statehouse, myself included, have been listening closely to our constituents’ needs. With these funds, we can provide relief for those who have carried heavy burdens since the start of the pandemic,” Klinker said.

“This is an unprecedented amount of money distributed by the federal government, and there seems to be bipartisan support in both chambers to carefully review the relief package. Now is the time to give funding to public schools and teachers’ salaries, small businesses, and families who are getting back on their feet. I know everybody has a wish list on how they’d like to distribute the funds, so I hope we get the opportunity to provide legislative insight to best help Hoosiers.”

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