Klinker serves on education bill conference committees

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INDIANAPOLIS - As the 2022 legislative session nears it close, State Rep. Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) this week was asked to serve on several conference committees for House Bills 1093 and 1303 and Senate Bills 115, 123 and 290. These bills deal with education matters and tax credits. A conference committee is a meeting in which different bill versions are reconciled by members of both legislative chambers.

“I am pleased to have served on these committees to help ensure that these bills will serve Hoosier students and educators in the future,” Klinker said. “I feel it’s important to stay actively engaged in the last-minute conference committee process so that various language with which people disagree will not reappear.

“I was happy with the bill versions we approved, except for a provision in HB 1093. I spoke up to support increasing the number of permitted e-learning days from three to six because it’s important that we entrust our educators with flexibility in the classroom. I am hoping that we can achieve positive legislation for our Indiana schools that serve our communities with the best possible policies.”

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