Indiana House Democratic Caucus chooses GiaQuinta as its leader for 2019/2020 sessions

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The members of the Indiana House Democratic Caucus selected State Rep. Phil GiaQuinta as their leader when they met on Nov. 7, the day after the 2018 General Election.

As House Democratic leader in the Indiana State Legislature, GiaQuinta will play a leading role in pursuing legislative initiatives that improve the quality of life for hard-working Hoosiers and their families.

“I am honored that my colleagues in the House Democratic Caucus have chosen me to be their leader,” GiaQuinta said.

“I am pleased that our caucus was able to pick up seats in Tuesday’s election, but I feel that we can do more to ensure that all Hoosiers are given a voice in their state government. We have a growing number of diverse voices in the House Democratic Caucus, and I intend to use their skills to provide a vision of how government can work for the people of Indiana. We will begin to articulate that vision in the 2019 legislative session.”

A native of Fort Wayne, Phil was born and raised in Indiana House District 80, which comprises south-central Fort Wayne.

GiaQuinta, who was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 2006, has served as Ranking Minority Member of the House Public Policy Committee. His other current committee assignments include Financial Institutions and Government Reduction.

Keeping the folks and district he represents in mind, GiaQuinta authored successful legislation that created the funding for the Allen County-Fort Wayne Capital Improvement Board. The bill allowed for the board to use a portion of the revenue from county food and beverage taxes to fund new structures and renovate old ones to help create jobs for the community.

To streamline the home-buying process for Hoosiers, GiaQuinta authored a law in 2008 that allowed for the sales disclosure to also be used as an application for the homestead tax credit, eliminating duplicate paperwork and multiple visits to the auditor’s office.

GiaQuinta currently works as a customer account manager for Fort Wayne City Utilities. He earned his black belt in Six Sigma for reducing the average hold time for City Utilities customers. He started Fort Wayne’s successful 3-1-1 call center, a one-stop shop for city services. GiaQuinta is a trustee of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum and serves on the board of Brightpoint. In the past, GiaQuinta has served on many boards for organizations such as Community Harvest Food Bank, Blue Jacket, and Eagles Nest Youth Center. He also formerly served as an elected member to the Wayne Township Advisory Board.

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