House passes Beck’s Workers Memorial Day resolution

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Lisa Beck (D-Lakes of the Four Seasons) led the Indiana House of Representatives in memorializing workers who suffered and died on the job, and renewed the Indiana General Assembly’s fight for safer jobs and safer workplaces with House Resolution 30

Beck’s Workers Memorial Day Resolution, which passed the House with bipartisan support, will be celebrated on the 28th of April each year.

“As ranking member of the Indiana Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee, occupational health and safety has been a legislative priority of mine,” Beck said. “Hoosiers deserve to work in a safe environment, which takes thoughtful collaboration between state lawmakers, employers and labor. As a state representative, my goals are to raise awareness, hold companies to the current workplace safety standards and improve our state’s workplace safety standards through the legislative process,” she continued.

“Workers Memorial Day is not only an effort to remember those Hoosiers who have died or were hurt on the job, it’s  also a call to action. Working together, we can make job sites safer for workers in Northwest Indiana and across the state.”

As a member the Indiana General Assembly, Beck has a proven track record of protecting workers.  

After learning about the Amazon workplace safety case at the end of last year, Beck called on the governor to prioritize workplace safety first and hold companies accountable to meeting safety standards designed to protect employees and the public.

In 2019, Beck co-authored House Bill 1341, which is now law and reforms how Indiana addresses instances in which negligence on the part of an employer contributes to an on-the-job fatality. Companies could be fined more than $132,000 for knowingly violating safety laws, resulting in death.

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