Hatcher joins Hobart community in decrying potential BMV closure

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GARY – After Wednesday’s hearing held by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) regarding the proposal to shut down the Hobart BMV branch, State Rep. Ragen Hatcher (D-Gary) is joining local leaders and community members in opposing the closure. 

Since 2019, the BMV has closed a total of eight branches statewide. Along with plans to shut down the Hobart branch, the BMV is considering many more closures as they intend to pivot to online transactions and unstaffed kiosks. 

“All Hoosiers deserve equal access to the essential services provided by the BMV,” said Hatcher. “A closure of the Hobart branch has the potential to hurt a lot of residents, especially the elderly, those without access to reliable transportation, and anyone with a disability. Additionally, only relying on online transactions excludes those without internet– it adds yet another barrier for a vital service. 

“Additionally, it isn’t just one community that would be hurt by this. In fact, thousands would be affected by the shutdown. The BMV is used by residents of Hobart, Gary, Lake Station and New Chicago. Both Lake Station and New Chicago do not have BMV branches, and Gary’s BMV does not offer the same extensive hours that Hobart’s does. 

“I am urging the BMV to consider the needs of all these communities and the real people that this decision can impact. Without the ability to obtain a driver’s license, many would not only be unable to drive to work or school, but also be hindered from obtaining necessities like health care or even be able to vote. For those reasons, I am standing in opposition to the Hobart BMV branch closure.”

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