Hamilton: ‘The supermajority’s budget fails our public education system and working families’

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INDIANAPOLIS – This week the Indiana House of Representatives passed the Republican supermajority's state biennial budget proposal 65-30, and it now heads to the Indiana Senate for further consideration. Democratic member of the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee, State Representative Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis), issued the following statement expressing her disappointment in the proposed budget, particularly with the lack of investments in working families and public education.

“Republicans and Democrats alike should all be motivated to pass a budget that ensures every Hoosier has a chance to thrive. The budget passed out of the House this week does not do that. Instead, it is a continuation of funding priorities that harm our local public schools and leave working families out in the cold.

“This Republican budget continues the destructive trend of shifting money from our traditional public schools to vouchers that will now pay for wealthy families to send their children to private schools.  The budget also continues to significantly underfund special education and support for at-risk students. On the House floor, I called for fully funding our public schools which serve 90% of our students. Full funding would include adequate teacher pay and a statewide pre-K program. These essential investments are what will move our state forward, and foster growth and equality for the next generation of Hoosiers.

“Working Hoosier families have been hit hard this past year. A responsible budget would include support to help them get back on their feet, including support for food banks, child care and rental assistance, but instead it leaves them behind. These families are facing down poverty, hunger and eviction. That reality cuts deep, all too often leaving a legacy of trauma and poor health among our most vulnerable constituents. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded these struggles, making it even more vital to enact fair and equitable budget priorities now. If not, these growing inequalities will become a drain on our economy and our people.

“I urge the Senate to take these matters seriously and return a budget that focuses on building an economy to work for all of us.”

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