GiaQuinta responds to Governor Holcomb’s 2022 Next Level Agenda

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INDIANAPOLIS - House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today issued the following statement in response to Governor Holcomb’s announcement of his 2022 Next Level Agenda:

“Governor Holcomb’s legislative agenda is a refreshing divergence from the priorities we’ve seen from legislative Republicans –  rather than the divisive, culture war type of bills we’ve seen filed – he seems keen on improving early learning and public health outcomes for Hoosiers.

“House Democrats believe strategic investments are key to improving public health and securing our state’s economic future.

“We expect to accumulate an unprecedented amount of surplus money - $5.1 billion - in our state coffers by the end of the 2022 fiscal year. Our maternal mortality rate and public health outcomes are abysmal. Families are in debt because household income has remained stagnant for several decades. Zero Indiana counties have adequate access to child care.

“Although Governor Holcomb mentioned this desire to address these issues, it’s troubling to hear that another 12 months are needed to make these investments. - at the same time he proposes eliminating the 30% business personal property tax floor this year. If we can open the budget for business, surely we can open it for our people, too.”

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