GiaQuinta for the third time urges governor to protect Hoosiers from increasing COVID-19 numbers

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) released the following statement regarding Governor Holcomb's decision to remain in Stage 5 as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Indiana:

“Yet again, I must express my disappointment as Governor Holcomb keeps Indiana in a stage that has by no means lessened the daily spread of COVID-19 in Indiana,” GiaQuinta said. “It's no secret that Indiana is consistently facing rising numbers all around – in fact, yesterday was the sixth straight day that we've had more than 1,500 new positive cases.

“This lack of action continues to be a devastating blow to Hoosiers across the state. This is especially true for those in Vermillion, Dearborn, Ohio and Posey counties, who are now in the red according to the Indiana State Department of Health's color-coded map. When you look at the rising number of deaths in nursing homes and the fact that about 15 counties have gone from yellow to orange and the number of blue counties has gone from 24 to only eight in a week… it is obvious that something needs to change.

“I understand that moving back a stage isn't ideal, but we've waited long enough to see if we can safely keep pushing through. It's painfully apparent that we can't.”

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