GiaQuinta comments on 2022 legislative session

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INDIANAPOLIS – House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today offered the following statement reflecting on the 2022 Legislative Session:

“From the outset of the 2022 session, House Democrats laid out a vision that would allow Hoosiers to prosper through policies that promoted ideals of freedom, fairness and a promising future. Our bold ideas included transformative investments that would alleviate some of the most burdensome costs and debts plaguing hardworking families across the state. 

“Meanwhile, Republicans seemed to be out of ideas to improve lives for Hoosiers.

“A session dominated by culture wars left the Hoosier State worse off than if the General Assembly had simply not convened.

“House Democrats formed an ambitious agenda that would have served Hoosiers first.

“During the 2022 session, we proposed:

  • Paid family and medical leave plan,
  • Child and dependent care tax credit,
  • Student loan debt relief plan,
  • Plans to control rising prescription drug prices, and  
  • Expanded tax credits for seniors and disabled veterans.

“Unfortunately, all of these proposals were either voted down by Republicans or blocked from debate in committee or on the House floor.

“Hoosiers deserve better. Republicans continue to demonstrate that they have no expansive vision of what our state can be. Instead of caving to the fringes of the political spectrum, it’s time to deliver on our duty to serve the great people of our state. 

“House Democrats will remain steadfast in our fight for hardworking Hoosiers and the future of our state.”

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