Fleming honored to be on summer study committees for drug use, Medicaid and commerce

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Rita Fleming (D-Jeffersonville) today announced that she has been selected to serve on three interim study committees in preparation for the 2021 legislative session.

The interim committees explore a range of legislative topics. At the hearings, members listen to the testimony of experts and the general public. During the legislative session, permanent committees in both chambers often consider bills based upon the interim committees’ findings.

Fleming will serve on the Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Use, the Medicaid Advisory Committee and the Interim Study Committee on Commerce and Economic Development.

“I am very honored to be on these committees because I can't think of a more appropriate time to be discussing these important topics,” Fleming said. “Drug use and Medicaid present some unique challenges that we need to work hard on resolving. It's especially important to look at the funding allocation for these issues.

“Now that more data is available on the cases and deaths resulting from COVID-19, it's becoming evident that those with pre-morbidities are at greater risk for contracting this infection. Solutions for these higher-risk populations need to be found, and I look forward to many robust discussions about that.

“The pandemic has also created a real issue for small business and commerce. Some businesses in my community have really flourished in the past few years, but it's still going to be a real struggle to get back on track. As the Ranking Minority Member on the Interim Study Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, I see lots of challenges ahead. However, I also see a lot of areas that can improve with the advantage of having this summer study committee.”

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