Errington announces Community Crossings grant recipients for greater Muncie area

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Sue Errington (D-Muncie) today released the amount of funds the greater Muncie area will receive from the Community Crossings grant program.

The Community Crossings grant program is part of the Governor's Next Level Roads program. This program is open to all local government entities, counties, cities and towns and each area submits a proposal that includes an agreement to match funding, 50 percent for larger communities and 25 percent for smaller communities, to receive funding for approved road and bridge construction in their county or municipality. 

The following amounts were awarded to each area:

        Muncie received $296,401.20

·       Delaware County received $1,000,000.00

·       Daleville received $163,647.75

        Gaston received $267,012.00

“As I talk with constituents, the condition of our roads, streets, and sidewalks are a common concern,” Errington said. “This money will be instrumental in improving infrastructure in Muncie and Delaware County and I can't wait to see what we can do over the next year to improve our community together.”

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