Candelaria Reardon calls on governor to use state’s surplus dollars to support Hoosiers affected by COVID-19 pandemic

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MUNSTER, IND. – Today, State Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon released the following statement calling on Governor Holcomb to allocate surplus dollars to support Hoosiers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

In these uncertain times, more people will turn to our state government for help. In many ways, Indiana has been preparing for the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as our “rainy day funds” reach upwards of 14 percent of total spending. I believe the governor should use dollars from this fund to support working Hoosiers who will face a difficult economic future as our economy and state come to a screeching halt because of this pandemic.

These are my proposals:

  • Adoption of a temporary paid family medical leave policy that will support families and ensure that children and seniors are cared for at home.
  • Allocate the necessary resources to schools and food banks across the state to keep children and families fed during this time.
  • Implement a 45-day extension before utility shut offs, eviction or foreclosure proceedings occur, beginning from the date when the state of emergency declaration was implemented.
  • Support local boards of election in their effort to allow people to vote absentee and properly disinfect and maintain clean poll booths and voting areas.
  • Develop a concrete plan to streamline Medicaid and unemployment services for our most vulnerable Hoosiers.
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