Campbell condemns Indiana House vote to override governor’s veto of emergency powers bill

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) today released the following statement regarding the Indiana House of Representatives' override of the Governor’s veto of an emergency powers bill. House Bill 1123 would shift the power from the governor to the legislative branch during a time of emergency, such as the most recent COVID-19 pandemic. The veto passed the House 59-26.

“This piece of legislation is nothing more than a power grab by the supermajority that inhibits our ability to respond to a statewide crisis,” Campbell said. “The Governor has acted swiftly and decisively during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it saved countless Hoosier lives. Keeping his emergency powers intact is the only way to ensure that our state successfully makes it out of crises.

“Having a body of 150 members with diverse perspectives and opinions trying to make fast-paced decisions is sure to end in disaster for our state and our communities. With one person at the helm, no time is wasted and our state can slow the progress of an oncoming emergency.

“Our caucus knew that the veto would most likely get overridden today. I am eager to watch the court determine the constitutionality of this bill and will continue to speak out about this blatant abuse of power by the supermajority.”

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