Austin recognized as champion of Indiana small business

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Terri J. Austin’s (D-Anderson) staunch advocacy on behalf of Indiana’s small business community has garnered her more recognition from a group dedicated to championing those businesses.

For the second time, Austin has been named as a Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Austin received the award today during the group’s annual Small Business Day in Indianapolis.

“Representative Austin understands the needs of Indiana’s small, family-owned businesses and the necessity of reducing the government's role in their lives, as well as the importance that business plays in creating jobs,” said Barbara Quandt, NFIB’s state director in Indiana.

Austin’s efforts on behalf of small business have been a key part of her legislative agenda since coming to the Statehouse in 2002. She played a key role in the formation of the Indiana Small Business Caucus, and remains a co-chair of that bipartisan group.

Her resume of legislation on behalf of small businesses stretches the length of Austin’s career.

In 2005, she authored a landmark law protecting small business from government over-regulation and bureaucratic red tape. In 2009, she helped create new incentives and investments in technology and high-tech businesses. Just last year, she played a key role in passage of bipartisan legislation aimed at reorganization of the state’s workforce development programs that give communities like Anderson greater flexibility in designing programs that are more attuned to specific local needs. She also helped shepherd reforms aimed at updating career and technical education programs.

For her efforts, Austin has received recognition beyond receipt of two Guardians of Small Business awards (2007 and 2019). In 2009, she was named a Friend of Economic Development of the Indiana Economic Development Association, and in 2014, she was named a Champion of Small Business by the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce.

“While the recognition is greatly appreciated, I must tell you that the greatest pleasure I receive is working with local government officials and small business owners to try and find solutions that keep this key sector of our state economy vibrant and active,” Austin said. “Small businesses truly are the backbone of communities like the ones I represent in the 36th House District, and it is imperative that we work on their behalf.”

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