2021 independent redistricting commission map and amendment sponsored by Indiana House Democrats

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  • To view the 2021 independent redistricting map sponsored by Indiana House Democrats in a graphic form, please click here for a pdf version.


  • To view the independent redistricting commission amendment to House Bill 1581 proposed by the Indiana House Democrats, please click here.


  • To download shapefiles associated with the independent redistricting commission's maps, click each of the four files listed below:
  1. https://assets.indianahousedemocrats.org/page/shapefiles/CommonCausePlace3.dbf
  2. https://assets.indianahousedemocrats.org/page/shapefiles/CommonCausePlace3.shx
  3. https://assets.indianahousedemocrats.org/page/shapefiles/CommonCausePlace3.shp
  4. https://assets.indianahousedemocrats.org/page/shapefiles/CommonCausePlace3.prj
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