Moseley effort to legalize cannabis oil moves to the Indiana Senate

February 21, 2017 Chuck Moseley

For immediate release:
Feb. 21, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – Members of the Indiana House passed legislation co-authored by State Representative Chuck Moseley (D-Portage) that legalizes cannabis oil for children diagnosed with epilepsy.

House Bill 1148 provides that a parent or guardian of a child who suffers from epilepsy can receive a prescription from a pharmacy for cannabis oil to help relieve the symptoms.

The cannabis oil prescribed must contain no more than .3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is required to have at least 10 percent cannabidiol.

“Cannabis oil contains a slight amount of THC but not enough to make you high or produce any unwanted side effects,” Moseley said. “The evidence conducted by various scientific labs around the country continues to prove its ability to help children with epilepsy feel significantly better.

“Just imagine that your child is enduring 40, 50, 60 seizures a day, and suddenly you have an opportunity to change their lives drastically with minimal side effects,” he continued.

“I believe it is our duty as legislators to provide help for these Hoosiers and children who are suffering from seizures and end their nightmare,” Moseley added. “That is why I am extremely proud of the members of the House today as we passed this groundbreaking legislation.”

House Bill 1148 passed the Indiana House of Representatives with a vote of 98 to 0 and will now move to the Indiana Senate for further consideration.