Indiana State Budget Committee approves several Purdue projects and one for Veterans’ Home

October 20, 2017 Sheila Klinker

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) said the Indiana State Budget Committee gave its approval for several large Purdue University West Lafayette campus projects and repair of chillers at the Veterans’ Home.

The approval came during the committee’s meeting today at the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Campus.

The projects include renovation and new construction for the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building (ABE); bathroom renovation in Earhart Residence Hall; HVAC updating in Stewart Center; bathroom renovation in Hillenbrand Residence Hall; renovation of a portion of Heine Pharmacy Building; and chiller replacements in four buildings at the Indiana Veterans’ Home.

“This was a remarkable day of progress with the approval of these critical projects for Purdue and the Veterans’ Home,” said Klinker. “The Agricultural & Biological Engineering Building was in great need of expansion into new space and renovation of other areas. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked the program the best in the country for several years. We need to make improvements to facilitate the learning and research opportunities to maintain that high ranking.

“Earhart Hall, where I served as a past faculty fellow, and Hillenbrand Hall both have outdated restrooms and plumbing infrastructure, so those projects were necessary,” added Klinker. “Stewart Center’s HVAC is aging and needs updating. The Heine Pharmacy Building will utilize space that used to house the Pharmacy Library, which was moved to the Wilmeth Active Learning Center.

“In addition, chillers in the Veterans’ Home buildings are old and have had to have numerous repairs in recent years,” explained Klinker. “It is essential to replace them in the four buildings for the comfort of our veterans, whom we owe so much. I am pleased the State Budget Committee approved the expenditures for these essential projects.”

The Purdue projects and the one for the Veterans’ Home are as follows:

  • $80 million – Agricultural & Biological Engineering Building renovation and addition – Demolition of the southern portion of ABE; construction of new 125,000 GSF addition; and renovation of existing 37,250 GSF for molecular biology, wet chemistry, bio-process equipment, computing research, and teaching space.
  • $4.998 million – Earhart Residence Hall Bathroom Renovation, Phase VII – Phase will complete Earhart Hall bathroom renovations by replacing aging plumbing on the first to eighth floors. The original restrooms have not been renovated since the hall was built in 1964. Also, reconfigure space to provide ADA accessibility.
  • $3.448 million – Stewart Center HVAC renovation – Renovation of air-handling, cooling and heating systems that serve the Fowler Library area. The current system is old and not functioning well.
  • $2.368 million – Hillenbrand Residence Hall bathroom renovation and sewer replacement, Phase 1 – Phase 1 will feature replacement of the old plumbing and sewer infrastructure in the east wing of the east tower. The next three phases will complete bathroom renovation for the rest of the two towers. There has been no bathroom renovations in the building since it was built in 1993. Last year, a study revealed significant deterioration of sanitary lines and vent piping in both the east and west towers.
  • $2.1 million – Heine Pharmacy Building Student Collaboration and Study Space renovation – The space, which housed the former Pharmacy Library, will be renovated to provide more study and collaboration areas for students as well as office space for staff. A new ramp will be added to provide access to the mezzanine level to meet ADA requirements. HVAC and mechanical equipment will be updated as well.
  • $350,000 – Indiana Veterans’ Home chiller repair – Replace chillers, which provide cooling and air circulation, in MacArthur, Mitchell, Pyle, and Dewey halls. The 400-ton units are at least 19 years old and have to be frequently repaired.