House committee supports Rep. Ryan Hatfield’s efforts to expand small cell technology

January 25, 2018 Ryan Hatfield

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indiana House committee has approved legislation co-authored by State Rep. Ryan Hatfield (D-Evansville) that would expand small cell technology in the state.

House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee members passed House Bill 1050, which focuses on the expansion of small cell wireless infrastructure.

Small cell technology will provide more connectivity and access points for mobile devices and is capable of deploying new network enhancements such as 5G technology.

“This important legislation will provide needed infrastructure for the newest and best wireless technology, including the coming 5G network and beyond,” Hatfield commented.

The bill also provides greater access to existing infrastructure to provide efficiency in the process of deploying small cells.

“I have been working on small cell technology legislation for the last two years,” Hatfield said. “Because of this work, Indiana will be among the first in the nation to deploy the new technology.”

Representative Hatfield, a recent winner of the Emerging Leader Award from the Indiana Farm Bureau for his work on expanding broadband to rural areas, has a focus on his district for this legislation.

“House Bill 1050 will mean that Evansville will be one of the first cities in the state to receive the 5G mobile network,” he said. “It is vital to our economy—specifically our business and agricultural industries—that we provide this technology in every square mile of our state.”