Hatfield’s bill on new autonomous vehicle technology approved by Indiana House

January 26, 2018 Ryan Hatfield

INDIANAPOLIS – If self-driving cars represent the future of transportation technology, State Representative Ryan Hatfield (D-Evansville) would like to see Indiana on the front lines in development of the industry.

Rep. Hatfield is the co-author of House Bill 1341, a measure that passed the full House encouraging the research and development of self-driving (or autonomous) vehicles in the state and seeks to have companies that build such vehicles come to Indiana.

“Autonomous vehicles are no longer an idea in the distant future,” Rep. Hatfield commented. “It certainly makes sense for a state known as the ‘Crossroads of America’ to be a leader in the development of this technology.”

House Bill 1341 would create an Indiana Automated Vehicle Oversight Task Group to review proposed self-driving systems under development and offer those companies a chance to work on these proposals in our state.

“Indiana’s automotive industry ranks No. 2 among the U.S. in gross domestic product,” Rep. Hatfield said. “This legislation will allow Indiana to remain an industry leader and sets the stage for cutting-edge automobile technology to be researched, developed, and deployed right here in Indiana.”