Delaney responds to IPS closures

September 19, 2017 Ed DeLaney

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) today issued the following statement on the decision by Indianapolis Public Schools to close facilities:

“Last night, the IPS school board voted to close a total of 5 high schools over the next several years. Three high schools will close next year. This includes Broad Ripple High School, which is in my district. When IPS is done with this program, there will be 4 IPS high schools, all in Center Township. Curiously, the Board supported its decision by citing the fact that Center Township has lost some 190,000 residents since 1950. (See IPS Resolution No.  7752).

“A close reading of the Resolution makes it clear that IPS is moving away from comprehensive High Schools which become alma maters or community centers to a new model. That model is based upon having 13 and 14 year-old students and their families pick a program, not a school. The family must then be prepared to attend whatever facility offers that program.

“IPS has decided to close the Broad Ripple facility and will attempt to sell or lease that property. (See Resolution No. 7753) Happily, the Board did not fix a minimum price or forbid the use of the facility for High School education. I am hopeful that our community will come together to support the use of this facility for high school education. That could include one or more quality charter schools and perhaps even a revamped Broad Ripple High School.

“IPS has forced these choices on us. It has decided to radically change high school education and to focus its services in a small area and on an ever-changing menu of specialized options for study. The idea of having a neighborhood alma mater with decent classes for all is dead in IPS. It is up to us whether we try to manage the fallout or not. If we fail, IPS is sure to sell to the highest bidder. I am ready to assist those who value high schools more than real estate deals.”