DeLaney calls on Hoosiers to demand impeachment proceedings against state attorney general

July 25, 2018 Ed DeLaney

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) today issued the following statement on the ongoing dilemma facing Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill:

“Curtis Hill’s supporters are setting up a secret slush fund to support his assault on the legal system. Our citizens need to respond openly and at no cost.

“Apparently, those who accept Hill’s broad denial will be able to make secret tax-deductible contributions to his cause. These funds will support a growing team of lawyers working to slow down the wheels of justice.

“So far, Hill has threatened a lawsuit and attacked the authority of both our local prosecutor and the State’s Inspector General. If these threats and filings aren’t sufficient to stop bringing Hill to justice, we can expect multiple appeals to state and maybe even federal judges.

“The people must take this matter away from Hill’s secret supporters and call upon the Speaker of the Indiana House to act now.

“There is but one safe way forward that will protect the victims, Hill, and the people of this State. That vehicle is the bringing of an impeachment before the Indiana House. That process must be done openly and would require political courage from members of the Republican supermajority. Those members have remained quiet during the furor caused by Attorney General Hill and his growing defense team.

“The Indiana House considered a single impeachment resolution in the Twentieth Century. It involved a judge who had interfered with the free press in support of the Klan. The matter was presented to the House by a Speaker who was moved by citizen petitions coming from the local community. That Speaker had the courage to act on petitions.

“So, I am encouraging all concerned citizens to let the Speaker and their individual representative know that we should commence impeachment proceedings now.

“Impeachment proceedings would be open, not secret. Courageous, not cautious.”