Eisenhower Elementary School in Crown Point earns recognition for providing quality education

For immediate release:
Aug. 22, 2014


INDIANAPOLIS - The statement below was issued today by State Rep. Shelli VanDenburgh (D-Crown Point) via the Media Relations Office at the Statehouse:

      "I am very proud to congratulate the students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators at Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School in Crown Point for their success in earning today's "Quality Matters: Back to School Celebration" from the Institute for Quality Education.

      "For their efforts, Eisenhower students walked into school this morning on a giant red carpet. The celebration also included a catered lunch for staff and students, all provided by the Institute for Quality Education.

      "Only three schools in the entire state of Indiana received this recognition and nearly 30 schools were nominated—we can be justly proud of this achievement.

      "I was proud to nominate this fine public school in recognition of the hundreds of individuals who work together as hard as they can to create a top-notch educational experience at Eisenhower Elementary School, including a very special word of congratulations to Mary Ann Chapko, who is the school's principal.

      "While talking about this great school and the great people involved in its success, I would like to take this opportunity to again highlight the supreme role of the parents whose children are students there.

      "A great education doesn't just happen: teachers, staff and administrators are all key elements in the overall learning environment. Nearly all of us involved in developing education policy in Indiana, however, are committed to the belief that no other factor in the equation can overcome a lack of engagement among the students' parents."


To find out more about Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School and the high-quality educational experience provided there, visit the school's website.


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